which prison u are in???????

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popesankaracharyahi folks here am on tis topic which prison you are in???  you may OR  may not have  read my other posts about religion,,,,here am mentioning all the religions as prisons,,,,,,so where ever am mentioning prison in tis post take that as religion,,,,,,as really they are prisons,,which u will realize aftr reading this post,,,,,,SO FOLKS WHICH PRISON YOU ARE IN?????? are you in hindu prison,Islamic prison,christian prison,jew prison,,,,,,?????? all the prisons have got set of rules and norms if you are willing to follow them, all the jail wardens will accept you into their jails,,,,,,all these wardens are fightng with each other to increase the number of prisoners in their respective  jail,,,,,,,,,THE WARDENS ARE IN THE NAME OF POPE, SANKARACHARYA,HAZARTHS ETC ETC,,,,,,,,all these wardens have one common intention to make you remain un intelligent and poor,,RELIGION FIX UP A DATE FOR YOU TO CELEBRATE AND KEEPS YOU IN MISERY REST OF THE YEAR,,,,,,,it sucks they condemn you celebrate every moment  of life,,,,happiness n celebration are related to internal state of mind how cum it can be fixed in a calender,,,,,,,PRISON CONVERSIONS———the funny thing people want to  move from other jails to christianity jails coz in that jail they get good food ,,,,,,,,,they feel their life is better in this jail compared to previous jails,lot of false promises n propagation s continously given by all fuckng wardens and their subordinates ,,,,,sub jailers(priests))),,,,,,,,,so which prison yoU ARE IN?? DURING the world war-2 pope in italy was doing special prayers, so as pope of  england,both these  countries are fighting with each  other, who will the so called god supports??? poor god,,,,,what will he do???? once pope of england has sent lot of money to poland church and a political party which is close to that polish church,why ???/coz in poland there was  a revolution going on and communist are in the brink of victory, which england pope dont want ,so he pumped lot of money to stop it,as you always see politics and religious leaders are inseperable,just think all the political leaders will go to some babas or others to get fuckng blessings,why???? because religious leaders are better politicians than our elected politicians,so to  get valuable tips only all presidents and prime ministers to going towards them,,,,,,,more the christian prisonrs under pope t warden more his power to control that particular country,,,,,,,,see THE ACHARYA IN THIS PIC ABOVE,MIDWAY HE HAS RAN AWAY UNLIKE THE PREVIOUS ONE,,,,,,HE CAME BACK,THEN HE  GOT ARRESTED IN MURDER CASES,,,,,,,,how cum someone can straight away become acharya or sannyasin??? even buddha enjoyed everything then left it,this particular acharya have not enjoyed so he went back in mid way,your mind will not leave you,it tortures you to find what is behind this ,behind that? once you go there it tells  you nothing is here,,,,,,,,,islamic madarasa are preaching jihad,,,,,,,,jesus,krishna,rama,mohammed would have commited suicide if they visioned all this could happen,,when you say a person dies ,his spirit becomes devil or evil spirit,so when the person is living the spirit is alive that is god,,,when u accept evil spirit within someone as devil ,accept when you are living the spirit alive in you is god,,all of you have got buddha inside you,its sleeping,wake it up,,RAISE YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS,,,,,,,FREEDOM IS THE ULTIMATE THING ONE CAN HAVE,DONT BE A PRISONER,,,,,,,,,,,,,,which prison am in? the answer is yes am in a prison called my mind,which s borrowed one,which is the machine manufactures all our problems,,so am meditating to go beyound mind to reach the consciousness which exists beyond mind,,AM ALSO A PRISONER AND AM NOT IN THE PRISON WHICH YOU PEOPLE ARE IN,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,



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its horrible to see beggers with broken limbs and blind,broken hands,etc etc,,,,,,,,,please let the begger die,,,,,,dont put him even one single pie plzzzzzz…….when no one puts him money he will die ,,,,,the life which you are making him to live by putting 1 or 2 rupees is worse than death,YOU ARE MAKING THE BEGGER SUFFER,PUTTING 1 RUPEE IS THE HIGHEST FORM OF VIOLENCE ACT you are commiting,,,,,,,you are making him survive today so that he suffers tommorow,,,every second he s dyng,,,,,,because of you,,,,,,your stupid concept of just puttng one rupee,,,,the life he is living(survivng) daily is worse than death or any other thing,,,,,why are you humiliating a human being so much and taking pleasure by comparing yourself with him and feeling someone is worst than us so am happy,,,,,,,,please let the beggers die,,,,,,,you are not doing favour by puttng some coins of penny to him,,,,,,,,you are keeping him n continous struggle with poorest quality of life available in this existence,,,,,,,,what a begger is doing???? just dyng every second for his bread,,,,,,,and you people want him to survive,,,,,,,,,WHAT USA N BRITAN HAS DONE TO JEWS?????? they have sponsered and kept the jews in the middle of muslim countries  (ISRAEL)to keep the jews continously in struggle and endless misery,,,,,,,, SEE NOW WATZ HAPPENG IN GAZA,,,????thats what you are doing to a begger,,,,,,,,,by putting 1 rupee,,,,,,,,,this fuckng society wants beggers,beggers make you happy and rich,,,,,,,,whenever you  feel sad or you are poor,you satisfy yourself by comparing your life with the life of a begger,, ALL YOU PEOPLE —– really want beggers,cobblers,soldiers,carpenters……   all this un intelligent people to survive otherwise who will stich ur slippers wen it gets damaged,who will die for you in kargil n kashmir,,,,,just think how intelligent this fucking society is  you have kept people for your comfort in misery you dont want them to progress otherwise who will clean ur toilet and wash ur vessels,,,,,,,,,you are the one who is diggng the pit and making valleys so that you keep your self in the peak  made by you,,,,,,,am beggng you please let the beggers die,,,,,,,please help them to die stop puttng that fuckng 1 rupee to him,,,,,dont keep him in continous torture n misery,,,,AND REMEMBER BEGGNG IS CRIME UNDER INDIAN PENAL CODE,,,,,,, so you are violating indian law and ORDER,FINALLY AM BEGGING ON BEHALF OF ALL THE BEGGERS PLEASE LET THEM DIE DONT HUMILIATE AND TORTURE THEM BY MAKING THEM SURVIVE WHICH IS WORST THAN DEATH,,,,,,,,,beggersbegger1please make a casteless,racistless,religionless  universe,,,,,,its full of blisssssss,,,,,,,,please let the begger dieeeeeeeeee


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hi folks i cant resist myself  to express my liking towards these 2 religions,,,,,,,,offcourse i am a agnostic and dont belive in the religion or caste,,,,,,still i like few qualities of these 2 religions,,,,,,,ISLAM——why i like islam is——–they are very clear that mohammed is a prophet not god thats why they call him prophet mohammed,,,,,,,there is no idol worship in islam,,,,,as mosques or dhargas dont have any statues or idols,,,,,,,,,what is the meaning of ALLAH——ITS A ARABIC WORD,WHICH IS SPLIT AS AL+ILLAH——AL——MEANS THE DEFINITIVE,,,,,,ILLAH—–WHICH NEEDED TO BE WORSHIPED………..am havng a koran in my home,,,,,,which is gifted by a dr,,,who lived in mecca for 25 yrs,,,,,in koran AL BAQURAH——–IT S MENTIONED THAT– MOHAMMED BEFORE WE SEND YOU ——-we have sent moses,Abraham,jesus,messiah,aroon,etc etc,,,,,,,,so it is very cler in Koran itself that they are mentioning mohammed as prophet also mentioning jesus and moses,,,,,,ISLAM—–CAME FROM JUDAISM,,,,,,,ALSO CHRISTIANITY AND JEWS,,,,,,,,,,ISMAEL—-SON OF ABRAHAM’S SECOND WIFE AGARH,,,,,,,,THE GENERATION WHICH followed Ismael are called islamic people,CIRCUMCISION(SUNNETH)——CUTING THE EDGE OF THE PENNIS——–which prevents pennis cancer n men and cervical cancer in muslim women,,,,,,,,what a medicl n scientific advantage,,,,,,,every 8 mts one indian women is dyng of cervical cancer(WHO),,,,,,whereas muslim women will not have it,,,,,all the bacteria gets at the edge of the pennis,,,,,,,,foe Muslim men it will not be there,also they will wash their pennis aftr going urine,,,,,,,,its all mentioned in koran,,,,,,ORGASM——–the muslim men can make their women to fell orgasm much easier than other men coz of circumcised pennis,,,,,,,NO CONVERSIONS——-they are not doing any religious terrorism like christians,by exploiting the poverty of people,,,,,,,,,,not now may be in centuries back they have converted lot of people in knife edge,,,,,,,,not now,,,,JAINSIM——–THERE ARE NO BEGGERS FROM JAIN COMMUNITY,when someone gets bankrupt,all the community people will take care of his credits and give money to him for further business,helpng each other like anythng in crisis,,,,,,,,,dont even kill a insect,,,,,,,neither they rape another women  or divorce their wife,,,,,,,,,,,,imagesmohammedmahaveer


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shivalord shiva and his family,,,,,,,,,,,,tis blog is purely based on my thought process,,,,,,not after reading any book,,or based on any sources,,,,,,,ok let me question few of ur answers?????? first am posting all my questions then i will explain what made me to think like tat and also my opinions,,,,,,,,this is not meant to hurt any body’s beliefs or against any religion,,,,,,,,,,am shootng my questions1——-WHY LORD SHIVA IS HAVING WEAPONS? (TIRUSHULAM N HAND)2——–WHY IS HE TORTURING T SNAKE BY HOLDING IT IN HIS NECK??????3——-IS IT HOLYTO SIT ON TIGER’S SKIN??????4———WHY ONE OF HIS CHILD IS HAVNG HEAD LIKE ELEPHANT???????5——WHY HIS   SON MURUGA IS ALSO HOLDNG WEAPON??????( VEL N HAND),,,,,,,,,,,6——–WHY HIS SON GANESHA IS POPULAR IN BOTH NORTH AND SOUTH INDIA AND MURUGA S KNOWN ONLY IN SOUTH????????lingam    lingam———-what is this symbol represents????? origin——-LINGAM IS NOTHING BUT PHALLIC SYMBOL OF MEN( PENNIS) IN WOMEN’S (VAGINA),,,,,,,,,,,,people worshipd lingam tat is phallic symbols because at tat time reproduction was of prime importance,,,,,,,,,,,ok now i  explain why i asked or wat made me to ask such questions on shiva and his family,,,,,,,,,,,just think folks,why a god has to have weapons,,,,,,to protect—-from who???? is he not the almighty?????? to kill——- who??  bad people ok then why he has created them?????? who can hold a snake in his neck ,only TARZAN AND MOUNGLI(JUNGLE BOOK) can do it,,,,,,,i just think in those dayzzzz its full of jungle only,so shiva brought up with animals so he would have been familiar or has no fear to hold t snake in his neck,,,,,,,,,,,people are so biased they have arrested SALMAN KHAN for hunting deers,,,,,,,why they are worshipng shiva when he is torturing the snake and sitting on tiger skin,,,,,,,,also wearing tiger skin,,,,,,,,is he a GOD OR HUNTER?????WHY ONE OF HIS SON ganesha-is havng head like elephant how come it is possible,,,,,,,??? its a medical wonder……is there any such creature or its bones have been found like tat of dinosorous,,,,,,,is there any species lived with arms and legs like man and head like elephant?????? no archeological evidence found upto my knowledge goes,,,,,,,just think head of a elephant-so respiratory system of what????? brain of elephant????? digestive system of man for ganesha??????  then where is t tusk?????  poachers taken it away or what????? why lord muruga -called as tribal god havng weapons again?????? why is he not popular in north india???? did shiva segregated india between his two sons??????……..where did he had learned all t thandavam(dance)???????? i keep on asking questions like a small baby to a father,,,,,,,,,,,plzzzzzzz be rational in your beliefs,,,,,,,,,,,,please answer to my questions,,,,,,,,,so that i can question your answers,remember all your answers are questioned here?????????????????????lord-muruga

CONDITIONING——–dont be pavlo’s dog…..

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pavlo hi folks am going to  blog about a important israel-war phenomenon conditioning,,,,,,,ok when it comes to conditioning how can i ignore IVAN PAVLO and his experiment on dog,,,,,,PAVLO’S EXPERIMENT——-am puttng it very simple,,,,,,everyday before giving food to the dog pavlo just rings a bell—-dingggggggg dingggggg,,,,the dog started salivating after seeng the food,after few days pavlo just rang the bell dinggggg dinggggg,the dog  started salivating this time without the food,so when the  ring was given along with the food slowly the ring has replaced the stimulus food which causes salivation,,,,,,this is done and established,PAVLO got nobel prize for this experiment,,,,,,,,,ARE WE DIFFERENT FROM THAT DOG??????? no i really feel no all of us are conditioned,all of us are conditioned in one way or another to get along with the crowd,people,elders,society,,,,,my sincere effort writing tis topic is to de conditiong all ur conditioning,,,,,,,,dont think am a jew,christian,muslim,hindu,buddhist,,,,,,by default you are born to some parents mr.x and mrs.y,who claim that they are jew are christians,these mr.x and mrs.y are conditioning you to be a jew or christian,,,,,,,,you are too innocent to choose at that stage,afterwards it becomes your identity,then you feel i belong to this crowd,i will go to church every sunday,,,,,,,,,you will not ask the question yyyyyy?????? why am i doing it because you have been conditioned like that,what ever a normal human being do for 21 days continously becomes his habit,habits really die hard,harder than bruce willis in die hard-1,2,3,4,,,,,,,,,thats why a muslim belive allah is god, hindu belive rama is god,,,,,,,,all these are classic conditioning,,,,,,,all the religious beliefs  are passed from one generation to another by conditioning,,,,,,,in the name of tradition,,,,,,not only religious rituals all your culture,belief systems,values,,,,,are all drilled into you by your parents mr.x amd mrs.y,,,,,,,,,lot of garbage has been filled into you,,,,,,,an  average 3 year old child laughs 2ootimes a day because its not yet conditioned,the mind is not developed,,,,,,,,what is your mind its nothing but your past,,,,,,,all t religious bells are  ringed along your brought up when you are eating,walking,celebrating,,in hindu family when the kid eats hindu songs are sang by the mother,bed time stories are told from bible for christian kid,,,,,,even when it comes to celebration you celebrate ramzan because you are conditioned by muslim parents,,,,,,it gets into your cells,,,,,,,,when all the other things are removed( your bedtime stories,festivals,eating ,bet time songs)) still you hold to the religious bell sound,,,,,,,, like the dog which salivates without food,,,,,,you react when someone accuses jew,jesus,buddha, you get so angry so you hit the fellow,somone’s religious belief made him to even kill the person who has accused your god,,,,, because you are conditioned to believe that is your god,,,,,,,,,,please decondition all your conditioning,,,,,,,,,empty t garbage which is filled inside you,raise your consciousness,,,,,,,one israel vs palestine is more than enough for tis planet earth,,,,,,,,,,,,,

t mystery behind jesus death—-pontius pilate

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pontius-pilatehi folks ,,,you may wonder who is tis pontius pilate,ok ok few fanatic christians may have heard about him,,PONTIUS PILATE—–ROMAN KING WHO ORDERD TO CRUCIFY JESUS,,,,,,,,,,hey its not tat only jesus christ got crucified in t cross,,,,3 people were chosen for crucification,,,,,,jesus ,mr x,baarbaras( murderer),,pontius pilate given a option to roman people tat tey can free two from t 3,you may be surprised tat except jesus the other two were chosen for freedom by romanians,,,,,,,,,,whyyy?????? just imagine a situtation if bin laden and other 2 innocent people are there ,you are given a option who will you let free,,obviously you want to relive other 2 innocents just imagine if u let laden die u will be shot dead by his people or gang,,,,,,apply t same principle in case of baarbaras-t murderer,,,,,,,,if you choose baarbaras his gang will kill you ,so people chosed jesus for crucification,they thought him as a sick man roming in donkey and claiming am t son of t god,,,,,,,,my question???????——t family consists of father,son and t holy spirit,,,,,,,,,how come son(jesus) without mother,,is it a homosexual family??? people say tat jesus was born to maria via god,,,,,,,,how come scientifically possible to put a embryo inside a virgin women without any injection,,,,,,,it proves all medical laws n science wrong,,,,,,,,,people n highly qualified dr’s are struggling to create test tube babies even now,it a very difficult process,,,,,,,,,,ok let us come to pontius pilate——-so jesus was crucified and baarbaras was left free,,,,,,,,how romans become christians??????/ ITS BECAUSE OF GUILTY CONSCIOUSNESS——–ALL OF THEM FELT SO GUILTY THAT THEY HAVE CRUICIFIED A GOOD MAN(JESUS) SO THEY STARTED FOLLOWING HIM TATS HOW SLOWLY ROMAN BECOME CHRISTIANS………………images

THE LAST SUPPER——–jesus had wife n daughter( da vinci code)

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lst-sprHEY TIS s t most contervorsial topic one can ever put,,,,,,,sources da vici code——- book n movie,,,,am just telling t jist-JESUS had blood relatives,he had a affair with a women whom u can see in tis picture of last supper,,,,,,t women is in t left side of jesus,,,,she gave birth to jesu’s daughter,it all says jesus is a normal man like you and me.he had a daughter tat means he had sxxxxxxxx,,,,,,if u have not yet seen t movie or read t book plzzzz do it,,,,,,,,post ur comments,,,,,,SUMMARY——-JESUS HAD WIFE N DAUGHTER(( DA VINCI CODE)) SOURCES say tat tis was t same women accuesd of prostitution,,,,aftr tat she left it and she was with jesus,,,,,,,da vinci code says she was t closest disciples of christ,,,,,after t death of jesus t roman king doubted who could be jesus’s daughter and burned lot of girls alive,,,,,,,,just look at t shpe which comes between jesus n t women it like V, you just invert it…..just join 4 inverted v’s,,,,,,,,,,tats how t star symbol came and during christmas all christians r hanging t star symbol in front of their home………..just think


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intersting facts n info y india is not a buddhist country and all t countries surronding india are buddisht country like srilanka,nepal,china,burma,thailand,tibet,japan,indonesia,,,,,,, you may wonder why t bordering countries r buddhist when gautama siddartha was born in india( bihar) to be specific,,,,,meaning of buddha——the awakend one,,,,,buddhism —–not a religion,,its a way of living life,,,,,brahiminsm——felt buddhism as a big threat to thier hinduism,,,,,,brahmins n pujaris —-are t most parisitic people under the sun,,,,who are they to represent god,,,why the always come between comman  man and god,why the common man has to reach god or pray to god via pujaris present in temple,,,,,,the case is same with the pope,jesus represents god,pope represents jesus,,,,,why people has to pass through lot of hierarchy to reach god,,,,,buddhist monks——CHASED OUT OF INDIA,,,,THEY RAN FOR THIER LIFE,,,,BY HINDUS,,,,,,,,so t buddhist monk went to all t borders of india and all t bordering countries as i mentioned above are monks-buddhist,,,,,,CONTRADICTION——-ALL BUDDHIST COUNTRIES ARE FLESH EATERS—–its against Buddhism,,,,,,whereas Buddha wanted his people to be vegetarians,,,,,,,what happend was when t buddhist monk ran out of india,,,they had two choice when they reached countries like china or japan,,,,,,,either eat meat and survive or follow buddha strictly( not to eat meat) and die,,,,,,the monks had chosen the former option,,,,,,they have no other way to survive,,,,food comes first,survival comes first even for hard core buddhist monks,,,,,as you go to all this buddhist countries you can see beautiful buddha statues and temples,,,,,,,this is how bordering countries of india are now buddhist countries,,,,,,,few more intersting info on gautama ,,going to write n seperate topic,,,,,,,,beaware be aware,,,,


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all u folks MAY THINK  wat is t connection between religion and geography,,,,,,there is a storng connection,,,,,just look at t world map it says it all,,,,,ARABIA—-where islam s formed, see how it got spread to neighbouring countries—–iran,iraq,afghanistan,pakistan,kuwait,…..t countries OF AFRICA—which are so near to arabia are muslims like ethiopia,,sudan, egypt,whereas  countries like kenya,south africa,zimbawae are christians coz of foriegn invasion or islam didnt penetrated so deep down africa,,,,,,ROME——WHERE christ was crusified ,,,,,,t near by countries portugal,france.england,ireland all r christian countries,BY imagesworld-mapAGGRESSIVE MARKETING—– SLOWLY SOUTH AMERICA,AUSTRALIA,become christians,,,,by british invasion of INDIA—lot of people got exploited still gettng exploited for thier poverty to get converted into christianity,,,,,CHRISTIAN STRATEGY—–bread in one hand n bible in another ,,,if u want bread take bible also,,its like u want bombay dyeing kerchief buy two bed spreads ,,,,ISLAM STRATEGY—–knife n one hand and Koran n another,,AURANGZEB’S period lot of women ot raped n men were forced,burned alive to get them converted into MUSLIMS,,,,,,I ALSO THINK TATS HOW COMMUNISM GOT SPREAD FROM RUSSIA TO NEARBY CHINA AND KOLKOTTA ,,,,,FROM GERMANY,,,,,,ok LETS  SUMMARIZE IT,,,,,,,T MORE T NUMBER OF PEOPLE OF A PARTICULAR RELIGION MORE T POWER TO DOMINATE,,,,,,,ITS ALL PURE POLITICS IN T NAME OF RELIGION,,,,,,,,,,JUST THINK FOLKSSSSSSS? HOW BUDDHISM SPREAD FROM INDIA ,,GOING TO WRITE IT N SEPERATE TOPIC,,,,,,,,,


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i dont want to mention t name gandhi—because its sur name,name of t caste—parsi,,parsi——came frm persia( iran n iraq),,parsi came to india 1300 years ago,,i dont want to use t name mahatma,,,,because athma—-represents soul,,,mahatma—–superior soul,,,its a ambigious terminology,,so lets leave it all,,,,,tats why i called him mohan das karamchand,,,no prizes for guessing who iam talking about here,,,yah its t same old man smiling in t indian currency,,,,,,IS HE A NON-VIOLENT MAN???????  T ANSWER—YES OFF COURSE from most of you folks,,,,ITS NOT ,,NON VIOLENCE——– is t strategy of mohan das,,he s a qualified lawyer,,so he knows t british law well,,he clearly knows they will abide by law,,so he did everythng according to law,,non-violence was t part of his stratergy,,,just think if MOHAN DAS IS A JEW??????? do u think he would hav followed t same non violence?????? nooooo,,,,ADOLF HITLER WOULD HAVE SHOT HIM DEAD ,,,,,just think,,,hari lal—–mohan das’s son,,when he came to meet kasturiba n mohan das,,tis is wat mohan das said——he is not my son,,,,,i dont want to see t face of him,,,,,read t words carefully u will find how much of anger n violence in those words,,,,,,INCIDENT 2—–when a british journalist asked what will you do after t independence with t army n all those tanks?????? mohan das——-ARMIES WILL BE DISPERSED,,ALL ARMY MEN HAVE TO GO BACK TO FIELD FOR FARMING,,,,,,,,,aftr pakistan attacked kashmir,,,,,,,same mohan das———BLESSED T AIR CRAFTS WHICH ARE GOING TO BOMB PAKISTAN,,,,,,IS TIS NON–VIOLENCE????????mkg